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Graphics Matter!

Keep your audience coming back for more...

As a business, you’ll want your website to attract online visitors with serious intent of availing your products or services. A quality web design will get people to visit your site, make them stay by making a good impression through professionally designed graphics and emails. 


Custom Website Graphics can give a huge boost to your website by increasing its visual appeal, professionalism, brand value and usability.

Attention Getter

Graphics are a dynamic way to capture your audience’s attention. They work instantly. This factor alone can give graphics a lot more power over text or photography on a website.


Visitors unconsciously interpret high-quality graphics as a stand-in for a high-quality business. These graphics communicate to your audience that you provide high-quality products.

Impress Them!

Visitors to your website make split-second decisions. A bad impression of your website because of mediocre graphics can mean you’ve lost a customer – potentially forever.

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Digital Design Services

Email Design

Email beats social media by 40x for customer acquisition. I provide Custom Email Design with static & interactive graphics.

Online AD Design

Improve your ROI with Web Banners, Social Media Ads and Google Ads so beautiful that customers can’t help but click. 


Offering Custom Presentation Design that is persuasive, engaging, and on-brand—helping to instill confidence and inspire action.

Web Graphics

Offering visually stimulating graphics for web banners, header images, composite images and photo retouching.

Online Look-Books

Add videos, clickable elements, links and shopping carts to allow customers to buy straight from your Online Look-Book.


Showcase your products with a custom GIF Animation for emails and websites or Product Video Animation.

Custom Graphics are vital to your website because they promote communication of ideas to your viewers by stimulating aesthetic senses and increasing a feeling of connection.

Graphic Design is important for any business wanting to make a Positive, Lasting Impression. Invest in your business with Powerful Design.


Featured Projects

*ALL Graphic Designs, Art and Illustrations displayed on this page have been created by Jenna Dawn for various companies and clients. Graphic Designs created in Photopshop™ and Illustrator™ The Graphic Designs displayed on this page are solely for Private Portfolio Use. All technical details have been obscured. Portfolio © Jenna Dawn | Eye Candy Graphic Designs 2019 All Rights Reserved.

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